Call For Presentations

Open Until August 31st

Here is the short version:

  • Email your proposed idea for a S4x18 session to
  • Explain what is new or novel about the session
  • Identify the time requested for the session (15, 30 or 45 minutes) and whether you think it is better for the Main Stage or Stage 2
  • Look at past sessions on the S4 Events YouTube Channel to understand S4

Also email us any ideas you may have for speakers or topics we should chase for S4x18.

Speaker Benefits

  • Present to an advanced audience that will understand and appreciate your work.
  • Your session will live on and be seen by even more people than attend S4 on the S4 Events YouTube channel.
  • We get a good press attendance and can help your story get out to the media.
  • Free ticket to S4x18, includes all sessions and social events.
  • NEW for S4x18: $1,500 travel stipend for speakers that need assistance.

More Detail on Submitting and Getting Accepted to S4x18

S4x18 is seeking advanced presentations aimed at the S4 attendee who understands ICS and cyber security. A tenet of S4 is no SCADASEC 101, tired arguments, explaining how you found trivial vulns, how IT is different than OT… People come to S4 to hear advanced and fresh content that is not available at other events that cater to an audience that is learning what ICS, IIoT and cyber security is. The sessions are typically 30 minutes, but we will consider 15 minute and 45 minute sessions if the content demands it. Anything related to ICS Security, ICS Engineering and Operations Technology (OT) will be considered.

  • We want sessions on offense and defense.
  • We want sessions that will explain success stories in OT and ICS security. Success is a robust ICS that is known and under control and exhibits availability and integrity.
  • We do not want sessions showing vulnerabilities resulting from poor coding practice or insecure by design issues.
  • We want very practical sessions, big picture / theory sessions, sessions that explain a very specific attack, and sessions that explain a whole new class of ICS attack or defense techniques.
  • We want related field sessions. Some of the most popular sessions from S4x17 were on related fields such as psychology, interactive role-play training, and machine learning.

The Main Stage

The Main Stage at S4x18 is huge. An entire orchestra can fill the Main Stage, and we could seat 5000 people (someday). So you need to be a dynamic speaker with interesting content to fill this stage. This is where our keynotes take place as well as sessions aimed at the CISO or Plant Manager.

Stage 2: Technical Deep Dives

This is the place to get uber technical, bits and bytes, code, statistics, protocols, post exploit examples, … S4 was created to provide a place to present very technical sessions to an audience that gets it. We can put about 200 people into Stage 2, and it is often standing room only.

Tips on Getting Your S4x18 Session Accepted

Our goal is to bring the most fresh and captivating content and speakers to the S4 stage. The process is entirely different than an academic, blind selection process. Here are tips and information on the selection process.

  • Submit early – we evaluate proposals as they come in and will say yes, no or maybe immediately.
  • Submit often – some past speakers have run 5 different presentation proposals past the speaker selection panel before getting accepted.
  • We provide feedback – many of the submissions have a kernel of a great S4 session, and we work with the speakers to modify the proposal to something that will be a hit at S4. Another reason to submit early.
  • We actively chase sessions and speakers – about half of the S4 sessions are typically found by the Digital Bond team rather than through a submission.
  • Send us an idea for a session you would like to see at S4.
  • Send us a speaker / research that we should be chasing for the S4x18 agenda.

Don’t overthink it. Just jot down a couple of paragraphs, and we will discuss from there. The CFP closes on August 31st.

Send your S4x18 Session idea to