BrickerBot: Internet & IoT Chemotherapy

Main Stage

BrickerBot is the first fully autonomous PDOS botnet. Its mission: cleanse the Internet from IoT botnets and purge it from any devices that might provide a platform for them. The author, who goes by the name of ‘Janit0r’, and likes to refer to himself as The Doctor, considers his project a form of “Internet Chemotherapy”. While most botnets such as Mirai and Hajime are fighting a tireless war to conquer their share of IoT resources, BrickerBot uses only a handfull of IoT devices to create a sensor network that attacks and destroys (bricks) any infected devices it senses.

BrickerBot can be considered a vigilante, much like Hajime, but with far less devices held hostage and much more disastreous side effects. BrickerBot is responsible for taking down a US ISP and the the loss of internet connectivity in over 60,000 modems and routers in various Indian states.

As IoT botnets are battling it out, what does it mean for your IoT devices? Do you care if my IP camera is enslaved and taking part in a bot army which makes its owner millions by selling DDoS-as-a-service packages? Maybe not… or at least not until BrickerBot senses it and renders your shiny camera into a useless paperweight.

Pascal will show a demo of an unprotected IoT device being compromised by a bot and then being treated/bricked by the Janit0r.

Attacks and Attackers