Cloud Security Lessons for ICS/IoT

Main Stage

Dave will address two important questions as the ICS community embraces cloud services. What security controls should an asset owner expect in a cloud service offering? And how is the CSA Star Self Assessment Certification working?

The ICS community has consistently erred by not looking at and learning from related fields when entering a new area. Let’s not make the same mistake with cloud based ICS and IoT services. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is leading the way in defining cloud secure requirements and certifications, and Dave Cullinane, Chairman and Founder of CSA, will provide a keynote address.

CSA Star Certification is a very different approach to certification that what is seen in the ICS security and safety community. It’s fast, inexpensive and quickly updated, but at the cost of a reduced level of rigor and independent analysis. Is this certification model appropriate for the ICS / IoT world?

The CSA has seen successes and failures in cloud offerings, and this keynote will provide valuable lessons learned for the ICS community.

IoT / Industrie 4.0 Keynote