Main Stage

At S4x17, “F.U.D. Studios” (not a real studio) brought you the farcical documentary of the history of ICS Cyber “Security” ( F.U.D. Studios (still not a real studio) returns once again for S4x18 to bring you yet another nearly truthful documentary about the mysterious underworld of the ICS Cybersecurity Industry. In the second installment of this series we will take an exclusive never before seen look into the dark art of… (dun dun duuuuhhhhhhh) malware campaign naming conventions. What’s the secret behind these skillfully crafted labels? Are they just clever names or do they have hidden meanings of a more sinister side? Who are the neologists behind this pseudo-science? Are they everyday cybersecurity professionals or could they be part of something more… such as a secret society, time travelers, or even aliens? Join us as we discover the truth.

Attacks and Attackers