From Etiology to Cure: What ICS Security Can Learn from the Autism Research and Advocacy Community

Main Stage

February 2006 was a major turning point in both my career and personal life. I was participating in the very first SANS SCADA Security Summit in Orlando when I received a phone call from my wife that our son had been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Since that time, I have been an active participant in navigating two complex challenges: ICS security and ASD. The two issues oddly intersected that day in February and both became a huge part of my life from that day forward. While on the face of it, they seem so vastly different, there are lessons and concepts that the ICS security community can learn from the research, diagnosis, treatment, awareness, and advocacy related to ASD. This presentation will cover observations made throughout my decade-plus parallel journeys. Sample topics include:

– Why Etiology Matters (and when it doesn’t)

– Science, Pseudoscience, and False Hope

– Awareness and Early Intervention

– Navigating Transitional Times