Big Data in OT? It Can Be Done & It Is Powerful!

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See how a powerful OT platform can pull together otherwise seemingly disparate data sources and weave them together into a single, asset based view and a multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary monitoring and remediation tool.

The common lament in the OT space is that cybersecurity is difficult. So much so that many either spend the bare minimum of time and money while others are actively scouring for a silver bullet. The reality is that a solution is already among us.

The single most powerful tool for ‘managing’ cybersecurity is information. Access to the data that exists on your assets and within your existing security investments is significant and also very powerful. What most fail to do, however, is to pull that information together.

Our presentation will walk the audience through the ingestion of data, the correlation of asset characteristics and, finally, the presentation of information that has proven invaluable to many clients in the areas of compliance, situational awareness and incident response. From a single portal.

Detection & Response IoT / Industrie 4.0