Take Back Your Network! – An ICS Cyber Security Program in 3 Simple Step

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The common lament in the OT space is that cybersecurity is difficult. Too much hype around ‘Silver Bullet’ technologies and far too much resistance to change, technology and automation in OT networks leaves many simply scratching their heads and not doing much. The reality is there is no silver bullet. That doesn’t mean, however, that cybersecurity in OT is impossible. In fact 3 fundamental functions, tied together, can dramatically increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of any ICS cybersecurity program.

First collect your data – there is a lot of it out there. From the systems themselves, from ancillary databases and from your people (tribal knowledge). Pull it all in – the more the merrier. Second, solidify your foundation. Baselines, patches, backups, redundancy – all are hallmarks of a robust security program and are much easier to create and maintain than many would lead you to believe. Third – monitor and maintain. You need to invest in this phase of all of your efforts go to waste.

Seems too simple? Join us for a look at how a powerful OT platform can pull together otherwise seemingly disparate data sources and weave them together into a single, asset based view into a multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary monitoring and remediation tool.

Our presentation will walk the audience through the ingestion of data, the correlation of asset characteristics and, finally, the presentation of information that has proven invaluable to many clients in the areas of compliance, situational awareness and incident response. From a single portal.

Detection & Response Strategy