Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) for Guaranteed Latency and Delivery of Critical Traffic

Stage 2

Avnu Alliance member, Todd Walter will present an overview of the TSN standards and the business value including security, reliable delivery of data and guaranteed latency as well describe the OPC UA TSN initiative and how this will enable a unified communication between devices.

TSN fills an important gap in standard networking, namely secure, guaranteed latency and delivery for critical traffic.  Automation and Control applications require consistent delivery of data from sensors, to controllers and actuators.  TSN ensures that specific traffic is delivered in a timely manner, securing bandwidth and time in the network infrastructure for that purpose while supporting all other forms of traffic.

Because TSN is standard Ethernet, control networks can take advantage of best practices for security that have been developed into Ethernet for decades. Taking it a step further, TSN adds a layer of security to the data with the precise timing mechanism making it easy to see early if there has been a network breach.

The Avnu Alliance has developed an open ecosystem of vendors providing interoperable TSN devices for wide availability to consumers, system integrators and other system-specific applications. Avnu facilitates a common technical foundation across markets and works with other application protocol organizations such as OPC Foundation to specify an interoperable TSN-enabled network.

TSN Whitepaper: Theory of Operation for TSN-Enabled Industrial Systems 

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