Ang Cui

Founder & Researcher

Dr. Ang Cui is the founder of Red Balloon Security in New York City, and a PI on DARPA LADS, as well as various other government agency funded research efforts. Dr. Cui is the inventor of Symbiote, a firmware defense technology for embedded devices, and FRAK, a firmware analysis and modification tool. He has transitioned a number of security technologies into commercial products including Symbiote. Dr. Cui has received numerous awards for his work reverse engineering commercial devices and was selected as a DARPA Riser in 2015. Dr. Cui received his Ph.D. in computer science from Columbia University in 2015.

My Sessions

Finding N-Day Firmware Vulnerabilities in Embedded Devices

Stage 2

This session will describe an automated system for identifying n-day vulnerabilities in embedded ICS endpoints via firmware analysis … and as you can imagine it finds many in ICS embedded devices. When a critical vulnerability is disclosed in an operating systems or libraries, the device it was found in is disclosed, but the vast number of other affected devices […]

Attacks and Attackers