Blake Johnson

Security Consultant

Blake works on the Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Team at Mandiant. His work history includes time in the electric power generation and distribution (@AlliantEnergy) industry as well as a global retailer (@Amazon). He has been a radio hobbyist for 15 years and has been using software defined radios for security testing for the last 4.

At Mandiant, Blake owns firm’s radio frequency (RF) testing methodology. As a member of the ICS Cybersecurity team he’s had the opportunity to apply this methodology against critical targets in client’s operating environments. The findings have driven improvements to the security posture of safety critical systems ranging from gas pipelines to subways.

My Sessions

Denial of Service Attacks on ICS Wireless Protocols

Stage 2

This session will detail an attack that can cause a denial of service condition in ICS wireless networks. Vendors selling ICS wireless solutions, such as WirelessHART and ISA100, are promoting their suitability for use in control and even safety applications because they have encryption and authentication. This addresses confidentiality and integrity, but not availability. And […]

Attacks and Attackers Protocols