Carl Hurd

Cyber Security Researcher

Carl Hurd is a Cyber Security Researcher at Idaho National Laboratory. With degrees in both Nuclear Engineering and Computer Science, the national laboratory system provided a perfect opportunity to get directly into ICS Security. Carl’s experience in ICS Security runs the gamut: penetration testing on live ICS networks, reverse engineering and vulnerability research on ICS devices, and even incident response. While most of Carl’s time is spent on technical deep dives into various devices, he also spends time designing test artifacts and doing higher level security research.

While outside of work, Carl actively participates in Capture the Flag events, such as Riscure’s RHme3 embedded automotive CTF. Additionally, Carl spends his time outside of work teaching himself new skills and trying to keep up with security-related events. His personal areas of interest range from machine learning, fuzzing, and exploit development all the way to learning new programming languages, designing overly complex home lab system, and accidentally bricking random “smart” devices.

My Sessions

Sneak Peak: INL Survey and Analysis of ICS Security Products

Main Stage

This session will present the results of a DARPA funded Idaho National Laboratory (INL) project to identify and analyze ICS security tools. While competition is almost always good for consumers, it is often difficult to understand and verify the claims of different vendors within the space. Products throughout the entire OT architecture, from control centers and local […]

Detection & Response IoT / Industrie 4.0 Secure Design & Dev