Dr. Duncan Earl

Quantum Cryptographer

Dr. Duncan Earl is the President and Chief Technology of Qubitekk, Inc., where he is working to develop new technologies that exploit the power of quantum phenomena. This includes quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum sensing devices. Qubitekk is his third small business venture.

Prior to joining Qubitekk, Dr. Earl had been an R&D staff scientist for nearly 20 years at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. At ORNL, Dr. Earl worked on quantum communications and computing technology and was also active in optical sensing R&D. Dr. Earl holds a number of U.S. and foreign patents and has numerous technical publications.

My Sessions

Integrating Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) With ICS Protocols

Stage 2

Progress made in developing a quantum computer promises to ultimately compromise existing public key infrastructure. Quantum Key Distribution is a new method for distributing symmetric keys between two parties. Unlike public key methods used today, QKD is a purely hardware-based solution that leverages quantum physics phenomena to guarantee the secure distribution of keys. Using quantum […]

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