J. Adam Crain

ICS Protocol Inventor

Adam is a software engineer and independent consultant with Automatak. He is interested in software security, vulnerability discovery, and the interplay between complexity and bugs. He works with vendors, utilities, standards bodies, and government organizations to improve software quality, testing practices, and emerging standards.

Most recently Adam has been working with a consortium of investor owned utilities to develop SSP-21, a next-generation secure protocol for industrial control systems.

My Sessions

Integrating Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) With ICS Protocols

Stage 2

Progress made in developing a quantum computer promises to ultimately compromise existing public key infrastructure. Quantum Key Distribution is a new method for distributing symmetric keys between two parties. Unlike public key methods used today, QKD is a purely hardware-based solution that leverages quantum physics phenomena to guarantee the secure distribution of keys. Using quantum […]

Protocols Secure Design & Dev

Securing ICS Protocols Debate: Wrap It In TLS or Purpose Built ICS Protocols

Main Stage

Many of the most popular ICS protocols are addressing their lack of encryption and authentication, including Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP and a version of OPC UA, by wrapping the protocol in TLS. There are pro’s and con’s to this approach, and they will be debated on the stage. – Does adding security to legacy protocols make […]

Panel / Debate Protocols