Jack Visoky

System Architect

Jack Visoky is the Vice Chair of the EtherNet/IP System Architecture SIG within ODVA. In that role he is focused on the design and definition of the CIP Security standard. Besides being a member of ODVA, Jack is also a Security Architect and Senior Project Engineer at Rockwell Automation. There his current responsibilities include definition of common security technologies, product security strategy, security standards work, and security technology research. He has worked there for over 12 years, much of it focused on product security and embedded software development. During this time Jack spent nearly five years working in Singapore at Rockwell Automation’s Asia Pacific Business Center. He is currently located in at a Rockwell Automation facility in Cleveland, Ohio. Jack holds a B.S in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and an M.S. in Cybersecurity from Johns Hopkins University.

My Sessions

CIP Security Specification to Protect EtherNet/IP

Stage 2

A technical deep dive on the CIP Security specification to show current and future security capabilities, how key management will be handled, and how performance is maintained at an acceptable level. The discussion will focus on how CIP Security reduces risk, what types of attacks it mitigates, and requirements/constraints placed on adopting devices. Technical details […]