Jake Brodsky


After 31 years of technical leadership in the Water and Wastewater utility business, doing everything SCADA and PLC, from process engineering, to instruments, networks, telecommunications, systems programming, protocol drivers, HMI development, and so on and so forth, Jake Brodsky decided to return some of that hard-won experience to the world.

He joined Jacobs Engineering in May of 2017, as a Senior ICS Security Engineer. Jake has written a chapter for the Instrument Engineer’s Handbook (Liptak, et al.), and co-edited/co-authored the Handbook of SCADA/Control Systems Security with Bob Radvanovsky, He is stepping down as Chair of the DNP Users Group after six years.

Jake is a registered professional engineer in the state of Maryland, a private pilot, shooting sports instructor for 4H, amateur beer brewer, ham radio enthusiast, and a busy father of three teenagers.

Jake blogs at: http://scadamag.infracritical.com/

Jake co-edited: The Handbook of SCADA/Control Systems Security

My Sessions

Iatrogenics: Harm Done By The Healer

Main Stage

Iatrogenics (harm caused by the healer) is most tied to medicine, but it should also be considered with ICS security controls. What if a security control actually increases risk of an outage or catastrophe? The panelists will debate how to evaluate if the introduction of a security control or OT component (intervention) impacts the risk […]

Panel / Debate Secure Design & Dev