Michael Ekladious


Michael Ekladious is an IS and SCADA Security Analyst at Suez North America. Michael has worked in numerous IT fields, which range from research, development, integration, and educational. Prior to joining Suez, he worked in multiple industries, including defense, financial, and educational. He completed a B.S. in Information Technology with a concentration in Network Security from New Jersey Institute of Technology. Michael also teaches Cyber Security at his alma mater, educating the youth in security and teaching web code development and best practices.

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A Real (Water Utility) IT Security Perspective Inside The OT World

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Suez North America’s Michael Ekladious will discuss how his team has worked together with the operations group to implement security solutions. He will share the challenges of IT/OT integration, how his team built relationships to move toward a more secure system, and the lessons his team learned through this implementation. The IT and OT worlds […]