Rick Kaun

VP Solutions

Rick Kaun is the VP Solutions for Verve Industrial Protection. Rick has over 14 years in IT and security during which he has provided varying levels of consulting projects to a wide range of clients in multiple industries including oil and gas, refining, mining, power, pulp and paper as well a handful of discrete manufacturing industries. As the former chair for the NPRA cyber security committee or as a contributing member to the Control System Security Working Group.

Rick always approaches any engagement with an eye towards building a scalable, cost effective and manageable solution. And because security is a program that requires constant attention, collaboration and innovation, Rick is a strong believer in the need for co-operation, creative thinking and a consistent focus in order to drive results.

My Sessions

Big Data in OT? It Can Be Done & It Is Powerful!

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See how a powerful OT platform can pull together otherwise seemingly disparate data sources and weave them together into a single, asset based view and a multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary monitoring and remediation tool. The common lament in the OT space is that cybersecurity is difficult. So much so that many either spend the bare minimum of […]

Detection & Response IoT / Industrie 4.0