Thomas Parenty

Executive Advisor

Thomas Parenty, Executive Director and co-founder of Archefact Group (San Francisco and Hong Kong) has over 30 years of experience in the cybersecurity field, beginning with employment at the National Security Agency where he led the cybersecurity evaluation of a global nuclear command and control network to prevent the unauthorized launch of nuclear weapons. At the same time, he counseled the NSA Director to disqualify a vendor from the largest procurement in the Agency’s history because of a failure to meet cybersecurity requirements. A first for the Agency.

He advised Clinton’s President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection and assessed the quality of the information security work done by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on behalf of the National Academy of Sciences. Thomas has testified five times before the United States Congress on global competitiveness, national security, law enforcement, and encryption export controls.

With the approval of a power company’s board of directors, Thomas set up the cyber incident response capability for their electric power plants in Hong Kong, China, India and Australia. He also set up the CISO organization for a global mining company, with the board of directors approving the organizational changes and required funding.

Thomas has been invited to speak on cyber security issues over 100 times at conferences and universities in North America, Europe and Asia, including the National Cryptologic School (NSA), University of California, Berkeley and Los Angeles and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  He has been interviewed extensively on the cyber risks businesses face in publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal and New York Times, to The Economist and South China Morning Post, and his interviews have been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, and Spanish, among other languages. Thomas is a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors and teaches a class entitled Fulfilling Board Cybersecurity Responsibilities on their behalf. Harvard Business School Press published his book Digital Defense: What You Should Know About Protecting Your Company’s Assets.

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It Can be Better: Effective Engagement with Boards

Main Stage

Given the ever increasing importance of cybersecurity, in general and specifically as it relates to ICS, one of the most important relationships inside your company is between the board of directors and those responsible for ICS security. Yet this relationship faces many challenges because of the very different perspectives each side comes to the table […]