Todd Keller

Nuclear Cyber Security Researcher

Todd Keller started as a system administrator in 2000 and installed his first firewall later that year. He then moved on to system, security, and network engineering for multiple managed VoIP and internet service providers.

After joining the Idaho National Laboratory in 2006 as a system and security engineer he also started participating on research and development projects for power and control systems. He now also teaches cyber security internationally as well as performing nuclear cyber security research for the Laboratory.

Outside of work he spends most of his time with his family. Ideally somewhere away from most technology such as a ski hill or four wheel trail into the mountains. He is enjoying introducing his family to more winter sports such as skiing, but his whole family also actively participates in the security community as regular participants in B-Sides, Defcon, SAINTCON, and other community events.

My Sessions

Common Hardware Component Vulnerabilities Across Multiple ICS Vendors

Stage 2

INL investigated whether there was reason to believe that widespread use of multi-functional hardware sub-components could occur in OT-based products and to a limited degree, whether such use might risk common mode failures by examining four smart meter products. The reuse of hardware components creates the potential for a common vulnerability to be shared by […]

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