Vincent Turmel

Dr. Turmel is the Senior Director, ICS at Bayshore Networks. He has over 20 years’ experience in process automation where he held roles in projects, application engineering, product management and consulting, coupled with nearly a decade of cyber security related experience. During this time Vincent advised major corporations on automation, architecture of control systems and how to keep them secure. He has conducted security assessments on industrial systems ranging from the unit of a plant to global security assessment program involving many sites.

Dr. Turmel is currently Senior Director ICS at Bayshore Networks where he helps industrial and commercial corporations secure the critical link between their operations and the enterprise.

My Sessions

Identifying and Eliminating Deeply Nested Cyber Threats from Industrial Systems

Sponsor Stage

This session will describe and demonstrate new technologies capable of filtering traffic at a profoundly deep level of observation and contextual understanding. The audience will gain knowledge through specific use-cases. Additionally, tactics and methods for protecting against attacks on the cybersecurity infrastructure itself will be discussed and demonstrated. Industrial Systems are now threatened by increasingly […]

Detection & Response